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Mon, Jan. 10th, 2005, 06:41 pm
poing_critter: Sorry we missed you

The party was fun, but would have been more so had you been there, I'm sure.

We trooped up to the top of
Mount Eden with picnic supplies to watch the Secession Day fireworks lift off from the Bridges. (I am so glad the Wellingtonians didn't get that referendum passed. I would hate having to climb Mount Doom for a decent view of the Harbour. Ancient history, now, I know.) They had the whole thing timed so it looked like a flow of silver and gold running into the harbour (sort of, it's hard to do much with only four bridges,) and then a hot air balloon in the shape of the President-For-Life was released from the top of the Sky Tower. The wind was perfect, so he drifted directly across the Harbour towards the Shore, where some Devonport Guerrillas promptly shot him down. It was beautiful, almost like he was waving to us as he sank under the water. The rest of our meal was wonderfully lit by the big, brown moon (thank you, smog) and the city lights. We had a number of rounds of cards, and somebody read the funny bits of today’s Herald/Daily Ordinances aloud. Songs were sung and jokes told. Then we caught the bus back to my place for showers all round and most folk kipped on the lounge floor, it being after blackout, and too late for public transport by then.

I hope your visa problems are sorted out soon. I know I wouldn't want to spend a night in those woods without a bodyguard or three. *shiver*

On that note, what chances do you think some kind of "danger tourism" would have along the borderlands? You know, a small group of folk with an intrepid leader, taking the newbs in to trade with "local" family. Not actual locals, of course, I wouldn't wish that on anyone, just actors/wilderness folk who know enough to survive and fake it. Perhaps in conjunction with a small hotel actually inside the border compound. If it works along the Northland Border, we could try the same thing at the Bombays. Thoughts? The Ponsonby set would go nuts for it, I'm sure. The difficulty would be getting permissions from Central Govt.

I can see why you mourn the loss of your car. I, for one, can't see the point in paying the extortionate tolls around the City, plus any emission fines at the Quarterly Fitness Check.

Honestly, since the rules changed, the air hasn't gotten any better, but the cost of driving has got much higher. It wouldn't be so bad if we were actually allowed hybrid vehicles or catalytic converters. That, at least would mean there was a point to the emission fine system.

That said, at least the world is warm enough now that we won't have old biddies freezing to death in winter because they can't afford the emission fine for a fire. Small blessings and all that.

You were right, you know. Heir Banks has started filling in the "Unwanted" streams to make room for more development. We have been assured that there will be pipes put in place so that the water still has somewhere to go, but as the areas in question are earmarked for immigrant labour dwellings, I wouldn't put it past them to "forget." Once the poor sods have forked out for an apartment or flat, the condition of the place will be totally up to them. With water running underground, the whole place will fall over in a few years, and it won't be attributable to the architect or the builder. Welcome to Aucklandia, User Pays.

In more heartening news, I got a new job. I will now be sole charge of  the bike rental store at the City end of Bridge 3. That means that Southbound travellers will park in the Government Multi-storey just after they hit
Auckland proper, and if they haven’t brought a fold-away, then they rent a bicycle off me for the day. Nifty, huh?

I don't think it will be that busy, as most folk who work in the CBD walk or have their own Bike, so most of my customers will be Cross-Border folk like yourself, or inveterate polluters, like yourself. *smirk* just kidding.

I start on Saturday, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

That's about all the news for now, look forward to hearing from you soon,

Sat, Feb. 16th, 2013 06:01 pm (UTC)

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